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Led Light LAMP


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Motion Sensor USB Rechargeable Night Lamp

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LED USB-Rechargeable Night Light With Motion Sensor
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I charged these and put them in my ground storm shelter, they are great because it's dark and stairs are steep. Now when you open the door the lights automatically light the top and bottom of the stairs, so no need fumbling with flashlight.


This is more flexible than the conventional wall night light, which would took a wall outlet in a fixed place. I purchased these night lights and put them on toilets. The light is more gentle for night toileting between sleeps, way comfortable than the dazzling ceiling lights.


These lights have exceeded my expectations. I love the motion sensor feature and how long the charge lasts. Super easy installation, I love the magnetic backs they make it so easy to grab one and use as a flashlight if needed.


I wasn't looking for "pretty", just some light for the dark areas in my home and office. These little guys are fantastic for my closets and the "cubbies" for my office where I keep pens, etc. I also use one for my bathroom. Excellent product.